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20 years of successful experience
Promstant Corporation -
this is 20 years of experience,
high professionalism,
quality and reliability
Working with us is easy! We guarantee quality Work from project to installation of BMZ.
We - manufacturer ! Metal structures, sandwich panels and corrugated board we produce ourselves.
Brigades of professional installers and own fleet of construction equipment (more than 100 units) will ensure the construction of BMZ in the shortest possible time.
When constructing prefabricated buildings we completely we take into account the interests of the Customer !
The main types of buildings that we offer:
  • Production halls and buildings
  • Agricultural constructions
    • Buildings of cattle farms
    • Feed mills
    • warehouses, awnings and hangars
    • Vegetable stores
    • cold storage buildings
  • Warehouse and logistics complexes
  • Shopping and entertainment centers
  • Motor shows, car wash and service stations, refueling complexes
  • Trade and exhibition pavilions
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You can order BMZ from Promstan
from galvanized and black steel structures.
Benefits you will get:
Benefits you will get:
  • Rapid construction and high-quality materials
  • Minimum metal consumption of structures, allowing to save on foundations
  • Effective energy saving and low operating costs
  • Seismic stability and high load-carrying capacity of carcass structures
  • Optimal use of space. Non-flying span up to 30m
  • Durability, reliability, environmental friendliness
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The building is an easy and reliable metal frame,
based on special bent profiles
Profile Z
Profile Z
Profile C
Profile C
Σ Profile
Σ Profile
Line productivity
The best enclosing structures for BMZ will be sandwich panels with insulation from mineral wool, Styrofoam and polyurethane foam
Their advantages are obvious!
  • High speed and ease of installation (dismantling)
  • High heat and sound insulation properties (100mm sandwich panels with mineral wool filling correspond to 1m of brickwork)
  • Sandwich panels with mineral wool are non-combustible (have been tested for fire resistance EI 60, EI 120)
  • High strength - our sandwich panels withstand a load of up to 280 kg/m2 with a 3-meter span between supports
  • Low weight and low operating costs
  • The durability of the panels is 30-40 years, provided the quality of installation
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  • Аlternative to frame construction -
    frameless hangar
How we are working?
Energy-efficient and durable prefabricated buildings
from Promstan Corporation are created in 3 stages:
Charge us the design of the building and the design work will be performed at a decent level. We are going to meet the customer in everything that does not contradict the professional norms and design rules. With us you will save your most important resources - time and money!
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We are the manufacturer! All accessories for BMZ, namely metal frameworks, sandwich panels, corrugated board, we manufacture ourselves from high-quality materials according to state-of-the-art technologies in accordance with GOSTs, DSTU
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The presence of highly skilled assembly teams, several production bases and more than 80 units of modern equipment allows us to perform a significant part of our work ourselves, which ultimately increases the quality and shortens the construction period of the facility.
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Our services
The facilities constructed by ourselves are worth thousands of words!
We have implemented these projects from the beginning to the “turn key” end
We work with the trust and respect of our clients
Our achievements
millions m2 sandwich-pannels
tons of metalwork this year
thous. m3 earthworks this year
07 August 2023
Construction of the dome of a frameless hangar for TOV Nibulon
Promstan Corporation has completed the construction of a frameless hangar dome for TOV "Nibulon" 24x90x9.2m for outdoor storage for 5,000 tons.            
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17 July 2023
Works on the manufacture and installation of the obstruction pit
Company "Corporation Promstan" carried out work on the manufacture and installation of the pit, automatic unloading: elevator towers, galleries and transitions for equipment in Izmail with a total weight of more than 200 tons.    . . .
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Contact Information
Head office and production
13 b Novozavodskaia Str, 54028, Nikolaiev
Manufacturing facility
38 Berislavskoe Highway (former ZHBI plant), Kherson
Order of construction equipment:

Pre-engineered buildings

Promstan Corporation began its work in 1997, having passed the path from a small enterprise to a large authoritative company, which occupies a leading position in its segment of the Ukrainian construction market.

The main activities:

  • Design, installation of BMZ, production of zinc-plated profiles of type Z and C, design and manufacture of rolling equipment, profiles for greenhouses;
  • Production of wall and roof sandwich panels with mineral wool filler (Rockwool, Danova) Density of 115 kg / m 3 and expanded polystyrene, as well as components to them;
  • Production of corrugated board and bent profiles to it;
  • General construction works, manufacturing and installation of metal structures, all types of excavation and reclamation, earth-moving equipment, lifting equipment, vehicles, repair of all types of construction equipment.

Today, Promstan Corporation includes several large enterprises that unite a wide range of production areas and are able to successfully implement even the most complex projects. Priority areas at the moment are: the production of sandwich panels and the manufacture of prefabricated buildings, from design to the delivery of the finished object.

Mon-Fri: 08:00-17:00